Terms Conditions

Terms Conditions

Barakah Jobs as mentioned before was created with the sole mission of creating a platform that allows and encourages Muslims to find halal work whether it be in the west or wherever they find themselves in the world so they can bring barakah to their rizq and earnings.

Read through the privacy policy before use.

No photos of sisters are to be uploaded on this site period with or without a hijab or niqab, whether as a profile picture for a professional, company or in any circumstance. 

Brothers can choose to upload their photo if they wish however this must be an appropriate professional selfie/photograph. 

This goes without saying but any inappropriate material of any kind whether a photo or text will result in immediate removal and a ban from the site.

This website relies on an honor system when it comes to posting jobs or content on this platform so we accept all applicants/employers to read this in its entirety ensuring that they use this platform accordingly.

We do not take any responsibility for governing/moderating any post or employer/applicant as we are very small as of now thus hiring moderators and consulting a mufti on every posting is not possible or practical.

Barakah Jobs instead expects every user to be honest and sincere in everything they claim or do on this site. We can not individually analyze and approve every company and are not qualified to do a detailed report on every company and deem them as shariah-compliant or not.

The only thing we can do is as said before asking for complete honesty additionally these clear basic conditions must be met in order to be able to post on this website your company must not; Be directly or indirectly involved in dealing with riba (interest) for example be a lender that gives interest-based loans or be a bank that is not certified as shariah-compliant and again not deal with riba.

Your company must not produce or sell any adult content (pornographic material of any kind) /music/drugs/alcohol/ insurance/ intoxicants/pork of any kind. Your company must not be involved in gambling or fraudulent work.

You must be a company with a relatively Islamic work environment the details of which you can go into in your job posting.

The previously listed conditions that we made in accordance with Authentic Hadith, the noble Quran, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam his companions and the understanding of the Salaf the best three generations of this ummah must, in turn, be met in order to use this website as said before we can not individually verify the dealings of each company that decides to use this platform or look at every aspect of their business to determine their credibility so instead we rely upon them to be truthful and meet these clear conditions before entering the site.

However, if you come across a company that is not meeting these conditions or blatantly being deceitful in other ways although we can not legally take responsibility on fully monitoring the postings please do report them using

our support email: support@barakahjobs.com.

Once reported we will do our best to launch an investigation into the matter and with the consultation of a person of knowledge determine if the complaint was just and can then proceed to ban the company itself permanently or just remove the posting and issue a warning to the company inshallah in either case a refund will not be issued.

One final time for clarity: Although we do not have an official Sharia Supervisory Committee yet we plan on creating one in the near future inshallah as we grow for now however we rely on an honor system and ask that you read the disclaimer before using this site and ensure you agree to all conditions listed in it before using our platform if reported it is likely you will be investigated with the consultation of a person of knowledge if just cause for the complaint is found you could be potentially banned or have your listing removed from the site where in which case no refund will be issued. We have only listed the blatantly obvious conditions of shariah-compliant work for more information please refer to our faqs.

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