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Barakah Jobs is a global job board website

Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate Barakah Jobs is the all-in-one solution for you to find or post Shariah-compliant jobs. Browse through vacancies, apply to a job, post a vacancy and even have your interview all on one platform that is optimized and accessible through most of your personal devices.

Our primary mission inshallah is to create a platform that allows and encourages our users to conveniently find/post shariah complaint jobs in the west or wherever they find themselves in the world so that Muslims can find halal work. Although we do not have an official Sharia Supervisory Committee yet we plan on creating one in the near future inshallah as we grow for now however we rely on an honor system and ask that you read the disclaimer before using this site and ensure you agree to all conditions listed in it before using our platform if reported it is likely you will be investigated with the consultation of a person of knowledge if just cause for the complaint is found you could be potentially banned or have your listing removed from the site where in which case no refund will be issued. No more compromises bring Barakah to your job today. 

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