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    Job Description
    Job Description

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    HMC’s Monitoring Officer

    Reports To: Operations Manager HMC/Local Area Group (LAG)

    Job Role: To ensure HMC certified outlets/organisations are complying with standards in relation to the provision of Halal foods.  In addition the successful candidate will also assist to raise awareness of the HMC certification to potential food businesses.

    Salary & Hours

    The salary will be calculated by the number of outlets being monitored. For every shop that is monitored accordingly the monitor will be paid £35.55 (as a guide)

    Main Duties of a monitor

    Main Duties of a Monitoring officer include the following:

    (Detailed Description can be found in the table below)

    1. Inspection/Operation
    2. Completion of Documentation via App
    3. General
    4. Customer care
    5. Other

    Main Duties

    Inspection / Operation

    1. Adhere to the monitoring procedures and systems as specified within the HMC Process Document.
    2. Visit each registered outlet/organisation within the designated local area a minimum of 4 times per week on a random basis.
    3. To inspect each registered outlet/organisation and ensure only HMC approved food products are being stocked and sold.
    4. Ensure all equipment is checked including fridges, freezers, display cabinets, freezer vans and all other storage areas.
    5. Ensure all products and certification devices are not damaged during inspection.
    6. To ensure all inspections are carried out courteously in cooperation with the outlet staff.


    1. Ensure documentation is completed in line with the monitoring procedures and systems.
    2. Ensure that the certified outlets/organisations have all the relevant documentation in relation to HMC products on site.
    3. Ensure time sheets and monitoring logs are completed and submitted to Head Office on a regular and timely basis.
    4. To liaise with each certified outlet/organisation to ensure that the HMC certificate is framed and sealed securely and visually displayed for the public to view.
    5. To liaise with each certified outlet/organisation to ensure the approved HMC window sticker is displayed and remains visible at all times during the certified period.
    6. To induct newly certified outlets/ organisation to ensure they appreciate and fully understand the monitoring and auditing requirements.


    1. To avoid confrontation and deal with disputes in a calm and rational manner.
    2. Work closely and collaboratively with the Local Area Group (LAG).
    3. Liaise with local outlets/organisations and communities to raise the profile of HMC.
    4. To liaise with HMC head office and provide weekly/daily monitoring updates.
    5. To undertake any other tasks and duties that may be reasonably requested by the Operations Manager.

    Customer Care

    1. To provide the best level of customer care to all stakeholders of HMC
    2. To have a clear understanding of what customer service is

    Person Specification

    Education & Training


    Good understanding of how to email

    Understands how to communicate via different medians

    Knows how to fully utilise android or IOS phones


    Willing to be trained on internal and external training programs

    Health & Hygiene trained to Level 2

    Can speak fluent English

    Method of Assessment

    Interview & Application Form

    Relevant Experience


    Awareness of the importance of Halal

    Experience at working within the community

    Experience with dealing with sensitive issues

    A Clear understanding of how ritual slaughter (Zabiha) is carried out


    Willing to be trained on internal and external training programs

    Experience of working in the food industry

    Method of Assessment

    Interview & Application Form



    Good Interpersonal and communication skills

    Has the ability to work as part of a team and owns initiative

    Has a can do attitude

    Be a practicing Muslim

    To maintain client confidentiality at all times

    Trustworthy and Punctual

    Method of Assessment

    Interview & Application Form

    Practical Skills


    Possess good time management skills

    Has the ability to undertake administrative tasks efficiently

    Can follows orders through to completion


    Has a full UK drivers licence



    Must be eligible to work in the UK

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